By: Melissa Weisman

Winter is here, and it is easy to lose motivation to exercise due to the cold and snowy weather. You do not see many people throwing a football around or running outdoors due to the frigid conditions. With all the past holiday munching and try- ing to stay indoors as much as possible, it is easy to pack on the pounds and live a less healthy lifestyle.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is the clinical name for winter depression or the winter blues. Weather certainly plays a toll on our mood and mindset. People are more likely to get depressed during the winter, eat more, and sleep more.

Although these things may be true, it is important to stay positive and get through these cold months in the healthiest way possible. Neglecting your health is the worst thing you can do, so take care of your body.

Victoria Calderone, a senior Broadcast- ing major, stays fit by figure skating and teaching classes at her local gym. Calderone said, “My favorite classes are rebounding (jumping on a mini trampoline) and yoga. Mixing up different classes keeps you from getting bored with your workouts.”

Speaking of mixing up different classes, Pratt gym offers a wide variety of fun, calorie-burning and toning classes. Total body fitness, yoga, zumba, TRX, and more! If you want a switch from working out solo at the gym, try an engaging group class. If you want to learn how to use the equipment better, consult a free personal trainer at Pratt.

Alexis Peters, a senior Broadcasting major and basketball player for LIU Post gets most of her exercise running up and down the courts and shooting hoops. Peters said, “I have games two days a week, and when I have time off, I run on the treadmill, lift/bench-press, do dumb bell curls, a variety of ab workouts, and leg lifts.” What a workout!


Winnick Swaps

French Fries for Vegetables/Salad Bar Items (I know it’s hard, but it’s rewarding in the end)
Wraps for Salads Mayonnaise for Mustard
Fattening Dressings for Vinagrette
Patty Melt for a Plain Burger
Baked Goods/Sweets for Fruit
Fried Foods for Grilled Chicken
Sugary Cereal for Cheerios/Corn Flakes
Eggs, Cheese & Bacon on a Roll for Plain Eggs/Omelette (Hard-boiled eggs are the best because they are made without oil, so grab those when they are served during lunch hours)
Regular Potato for Sweet Potato

Hillwood Swaps

(I know they don’t usually offer sweet potatoes at Winnick, but when they do take full advantage!)
Sushi with White Rice for Sashimi/Brown Rice
Chicken Fingers for Grilled Chicken Salad
Ice Cream Shake for Chobani Yogurt
Bag of Chips/Fries for Sabra Hummus and Pretzel Duo

Supermarket Swaps

Brown Rice for Quinoa Milk for Almond Milk
Peanut Butter for Almond Butter
Artificial Yogurt for Greek Yogurt
Butter Movie Popcorn for Natural Popcorn
Sugary Breakfast Cereals/Bars for Oatmeal Chips/Processed Snacks for Nuts, Hummus, and Guacamole/Avocado with all-natural “Chips” such as Mary’s Gone Crackers and Nut Thins


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