Pharrell’s G I R L is a H I T

By Michael Otero
Staff Writer

Singer-songwriter extraordinaire Pharrell Williams released his new album G I R L last month, and he is reaching new heights as a recording artist. The 40-year-old artist was featured on 2013 summer hits “Get Lucky” with Daft Punk and “Blurred Lines” with Robin Thicke. These songs were only a glimmer of what was to come from Pharrell.

G I R L is Pharrell’s second album as a solo artist and his first in eight years. His first, In My Mind, got mixed reviews as it showed Pharrell as an artist who was indecisive about which genre to follow. It is interesting to listen to him because it’s tough to categorize his music into a genre, and he has points on his album where you can make the case for him being a rapper, pop artist, R&B singer, and the list goes on. What may be the most intriguing part of the album, though, are the beats. They are catchy, to say the least, and they can be heard at the top of most billboard charts.


As if he needed it, Williams’ album doesn’t lack star studded cameos either, as he teams up with Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, and Daft Punk. Perhaps the most popular song on the album, and the one that is being played by every station, is “Happy.” The song is almost hypnotizing as it captures everyone and is catchy as can be. The song just makes you want to get up and dance, which is perfect for the never-ending winter that has bestowed us this year. “Happy” was nominated for Best Original Song, and has flown up the billboards in recent weeks, reaching and now staying at number one for two weeks. In addition to its climb up the billboards, “Happy” is the first song to earn two straight weeks of more than $400,000 in sales since a previous Williams collaboration “Blurred Lines.”

Pharrell, aka Sk8brd, is no stranger to performing as of late, performing at the 86th Academy Awards and the NBA All-Star Game receiving high regards from people of such different tastes of music, all of which are positive. It is quite clear that Pharrell is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the music industry.

Some other tracks featured on the album include “Brand New,” “Come And Get It Bae,” “Hunter,” “Gust of Wind,” and “I Know Who You Are.” These songs and more on the album show what kind of music artist Pharrell is. He is as creative as they come, and the album displays it. In an interview with ET, Williams said, “It’s the album I’ve always dreamt of making…It’s a love story, and that’s why the album is made for human beings, it’s made for everyone. It’s just that my muse were women.”

Whomever the album appeals to, it certainly draws the attention of people and gets them listening.  It is clear that Pharrell is challenging recent popular albums and artists with this track, and in doing so only enhancing his resume in the music world.

Caption: Pharrell recent album has been gaining popularity left and right and has people “clapping along like a room without a roof.”


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