Humans of LIU Post

By Alex Billington

“It’s me against the world” is a common feeling for many college students; the pressures of school work, actual work, commitments left and right, and not to mention thehumble desire for a jubilant social life.

Things can often feel like they are too much, andit’s the people around you that help you hold it together. When you arrive at college, it’s like stepping into the abyss. You don’t know what you’ll encounter, and you have no idea of the trials and tribulations ahead. But most fascinatingly, you don’t know who you are going to meet.

Senior Public Relations major Malin Skotnes gives her take on the people at LIU. “LIU Post is such a diverse campus. For this reason, I did not only find friends that will last a lifetime, but also extended my perspective of different cultures. Thanks to the people at LIU Post, the three years I have spent here so far have become more than just education.”

Humans crave social relationships, we seek them out. Have you ever sat gazing and thinking, “That person looks interesting,” and wondering what their story is? There are thousands of beautiful humans packed inside one place, all with at least one common interest [we all chose LIU].

Some personalities find it easier to connect with new people, and some need a little more of a push. Whatever the case may be, there exists a collection of exciting and unknown stories, perspectives, opinions, and emotions in the form of unique individuals who have all arrived at the same place on a collection of different paths.

Seeking out those stories, finding out where people have been and where they are going, associating common ground, and knowing that there are people who understand you and have the ability to help you grow, is an exciting prospect available to all college kids.

Different perspectives and approaches can be extremely valuable in the globalized world of today. Collections of cultures are merging together, creating enchanting new perspectives which the world has never seen before. This generation is lucky enough to be subject to the patchworks of culture, views, and beliefs. Senior History and Political Science major Kiran Mykoo reflected on the diversity at LIU. “Diversity within LIU has impacted me very positively. I’ve had the chance to learn and understand different cultures, and also how to approach things from a variety of standpoints.”

The students are what determine LIU Post’s composition, and the will to expand your horizons through the median of people comes from within. Post does contribute, though, through events, programs, and clubs. As with most colleges, it attempts to create an environment in which interaction is positively encouraged.

Senior International Relations student Tamara Garrock says, “In the four years I have been here, I feel as though the community at Post has become a lot more tight-knit and enjoyable. I think this is because of all the new programs and student activities that have been put in place to give students a chance to interact.”

College is primarily a learning resource, but there is so much more to be gained than the knowledge acquired from class. Seniors often reflect on how they have grown as a result of college. Senior Public Relations Major Kristina Renberg says, “Of course I gained a lot from classes, but I learnt so much from the people I have met. It is easy to switch-off in class or study for a test and forget it an hour after the exam, but the lessons I have learned, and the challenges I’ve faced, and the people I’ve met have helped shape me as a person.”

No one is saying everything about college is amazing, but the older generations often reflect on college as some of the best years of their life. You might not realize it now, and it won’t be the same for everybody, but the amount of people at your fingertips in college will not likely be surpassed. “Humans of LIU Post,” just consider everything around you, and be sure to utilize all that is available; people, professors, information, clubs, and events, because the freedom you have at college is a captivating thing.

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