10 Tips for Freshman: Survival Guide

By Alex Billington

  1. Napping is important!
    This is really important. Make time for napping, one hours work fresh, is far more productive than two hours sleepy.
  2. Make your degree standout from others
    Survey the situation. *Thinking* times are hard [Ice Cube voice], and the job market isn’t what it used to be. It isn’t enough to just have a degree, diversify yourself by seeking out extra curricular activities and positions of responsibility. If you start in your freshman year, it gives you 4 years to get as much under your belt, up your sleeve, in your locker, or wherever you hide all that good stuff.
  3. Participate in class
    We get it, in High School, it wasn’t cool to participate, but this is college now. Professors prefer students who are active. Don’t be afraid to be wrong – we are here to learn.
  4. Don’t be a ghost student
    Professors are here to help, don’t be silent all year. If you find the class difficult, the classes are small and the professors can help, so talk to them. Ask them questions, that’s why office hours are listed.
  5. Find your own place to study
    Just because everyone studies in the library or Hillwood doesn’t mean they are the only accessible places on campus, find somewhere quiet so that you can be ultra productive.
  6. Don’t rush into choosing your major
    The undecided option is there for a reason when you apply to college. Core classes are meant to help you decide which direction to go in so take some core classes, research some majors, then decide. You’d be surprised how many people change their major after their freshman year.
  7. Let out the social butterfly within
    There are new people everywhere on campus. There are people from all over the country and all over the world. Talk to them and utilize the beautiful minds that surround you on a daily basis, who knows, you might learn something.
  8. Time flies
    You have probably heard this a thousand times, that’s because it’s true! Don’t let your college experience fly by having not done things you wanted to –pursue your ambitions, find your passions and explore them.
  9. There are FREE tutors on campus
    Yes, free, meaning you don’t pay for them, as in there is no transaction of any sort. You make an appointment for whatever subject it may be, and they help you, it’s that simple. It is like doing homework by yourself but not by yourself, and not being able to procrastinate with Facebook and Instagram, but actually productively doing homework with someone, who has been there and done that, that can help you.
  10. Have fun!bottomlinedrawing
    Let your hair down, wiggle, whip your hair back and fourth, get low, shimmy shake, twist and shout. Shit, do the “nae nae” if you feel like it! These four years are supposed to be filled with so much fun that you can’t even remember it all. This is a time that is supposed to be full of memories and laughter so make your college experience one to remember.

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