New York Fashion Week: The Inside Scoop

By Allyson Zaffos 

Trust Ralph Lauren to change the face of catwalk, a groundbreaking show in Central Park which combined futuristic multimedia production with timeless style, this show was the hottest ticket in town. Every model and their pug was there, and in true Ralph Lauren style each model received their very own iconic Ralph Polo [shirt] printed with their name, you now, just because. My friend and Junior Economics major Erik Berthagen was lucky enough to attend the show and take a couple of snaps so us regular folk could see first hand how Ralph Lauren does it.

“Honestly, it was one of the most incredible events I have been to, they planned everything perfectly so all the guests could have as much fun as possible, which really contributed to the atmosphere. The highlight was definitely the 4D projection hologram of, Mr.Ralph Lauren himself, dancing, a humorous moment that all the guests enjoyed. I give huge credit to Ralph Lauren for putting on such a spectacular show, because of their heritage and sheer stature in the fashion world, they really are the only brand who could pull off something so incredible.”

Ralph party 1 Ralph party 4


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